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Our first Italian Spinone, Jex (left) came into our lives from Canada in 1997.  We were searching for a breed that was well-rounded and would meet our needs for companionship. Little did we know that he would leave a paw-print in our hearts forever. He was a playful, gentle, trustworthy, and loving dog and is still to this date fondly remembered by us all.  Stella (right) joined our family soon after, and later, Winslow from Painted Desert Spinone in Arizona and Bella from Brier Creek's Spinone in Florida. It was a matter of time before we began to breed our pups, Winslow and Bella. From the beginning, they enjoyed swimming and retrieving - truly living up to their breed. Sofie joined our crew soon after providing the perfect mix of playfulness and love. They swim often and love the outdoors. They are playful and wrestle with each other, but also love to lay quietly and gently beside us for petting, love, and attention. They wait patiently for their feeding and quietly fill the house with their beautiful presence. 

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